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Building Muscles; Which is Better: ZMA or Creatine?
There’s been a good bit of talk about ZMA and Creatine in the body building industry and for good reason but what about ZMA? ZMA is talked about but not near as much as Creatine, ZMA is yet another ingredient found in many supplements capable of producing dramatic results and it may be a good idea to include ZMA as a part of your exercise and healthy lifestyle. If you take care of your body and you use supplements than you probably have either heard about or even taken both, however one thing that most of us do, we don’t educate ourselves. It’s real easy to walk into the health store and ask for a way to increase muscle strength but if the sales person isn’t knowledgeable then you’ll get what they give you.

Are you willing to risk your results on the simple knowledge of a clerk?

Assuming your answer is no, anyone looking to increase muscle strength, get rid of those extra rolls around the belt line, those love handles that mature with age, increase endurance, have more energy or just build more muscle faster then the benefits of both Creatine and ZMA will help you, not only reach your goals…but in record time.

Research studies have proven time and time again that both of these supplements will do just that. Creatine aided three summer Olympic medallists in 1996 realize their dreams and ZMA has been proven to produces miraculous results as well. One of the most widely publicized studies involved a group of NCAA players who produced 2.5 times more muscle mass than a placebo group.

More studies have shown that not only athletes and bodybuilders but also regular Joes who work out on a regular basis suffer Vitamin B-6, Zinc and Magnesium, which is the very basis of ZMA’s make-up.

While Creatine is natural in our bodies,
ZMA is a scientifically designed anabolic mineral formula, both are considered natural and safe when used properly.

Which one is the best?

The truth is, either of them. ZMA has also been known to produce good sleep results for those who have problems falling asleep which is yet another added bonus. Both ZMA and Creatine have helped professional athletes, bodybuilders, men and woman alike to increase their overall strength and muscle mass. Researchers haven’t found either of these to produce any levels of toxicity in the body, but as with any supplement—they warn us to use correctly and if you’re seeing good results, why abuse it.

ZMA and
Creatine are not the only supplemental ingredients that could be beneficial for you, the list could be in the zillions but here’s a short preview of a few that could be helpful to add to your regimen to help produce strong muscles.

HMB-also known as Beta Hydroxy Metylbutyrate which can reduce breakdown of important muscle tissue through a strenuous exercise routine and saving that muscle tissue is important.

HGH- or “growth hormone” is most important amongst teens but it plays a valuable roll with regulating metabolism, which is critical for fat loss or increased muscle.

Glutamine- just like HMB, Glutamine helps protect precious muscle tissue but Glutamine protects the muscle tissue from the affects that occur naturally within a body rather than those produced by strenuous workouts.

Natural Testosterone Boosters- there are hundreds of boosters at the market place, including ZMA. If you don’t take the time to educate yourself, overdosing unintentionally can cripple your progress and leave you baffled as to why.

Ipriflavone or Methoxyisoflavone- as dramatic as Glutamine or HMB, these two can literally repair the affects of any workout within the body as well as decrease Cortisol.

No one can forget “Cortisol” commercials that warn us about the nasty little hormone that traps in belly fat!

The bottom line is if your serious about taking care of your most important asset, your body and you want to keep a strong, healthy body…you can’t risk not knowing what you put in your body. Do the research first when in doubt before you buy, a little hesitation can help you achieve the best body and ZMS, Creatine or a number of the others can assist you in developing the muscle strength that these ingredients are famous for. Live healthy, eat right and make sure your supplemental ingredients meet your personal seal of approval.

Author Info:

Owner of Online Discount Mart as well as TV Products 4 Less

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Building Muscles; Which is Better: ZMA or Creatine?


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Most people will say that bodybuilding supplements are vital to any bodybuilder's training program. Among the top of the bodybuilding supplements is creatine. Bodybuilder's believe that supplementing creatine into their diet helps them achieve bigger strength gains. Creatine is one of the most widely used and sought after bodybuilding supplements. As a bodybuiler I consistently interact with people supplementing their diet with creatine.

So what is creatine anyway?

Creatine is already inside each of us. Creatine is produced by the liver, kidneys and pancreas. Creatine is responsible for the energy inside the muscles. Once inside the muscles it is converted to creatine phosphate and eventually in to adenosine triphosphate (more commonly referred to as ATP). ATP is the muscle's energy source and is responsible for the contraction of the muscle. Once this energy has been exerted (muscle contraction) then ATP becomes ADP. This is when creatine phosphate and ADP create ATP and the cycle begins again.

Written by: Brad Belanger

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